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After reading through some of the posts, i feel like i needed to reply separately to the "Trigger words?" thread so that it won't be lost.

Less than two days ago, on Tuesday, my Owner and i were at the local hospital cafe. When we were done eating, we got up and walked to the stairs. my Owner paused, looked around and asked: "Is there an elevator?" Of course, i said "Yes, over there" and began walking up the stairs. my Owner was FURIOUS with me, assuming that i should have asked about WHY Hy needed an elevator. It simply never occured to me that Hy needed one: if Hy did, why didn't Hy say "I need to go up on the elevator, and not use the stairs"... that is something i would have understood.

*sigh* Sorry. It was a bit frustrating for me. Why is it that some NT's just don't get it? i feel horrible for feeling this way at times about my Owner.... but my GOSH REALLY! What part of "i'm actually incapable of understanding that" don't these people get??

i've had a rough night. Sorry again.

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