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Anyone else use eye contact restrictions?

As a fairly new Dom, whose subs aren't always all that knowledgeable about spectrum issues I've realised that eye contact restrictions have an excellent place in bdsm for me, anyone else found something similar (or the reverse, had a Dom who insisted on eye contact when you couldn't handle it)?
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Can't say I've encoutered such restrictions connected with D/s, seeing as I have virtually no direct personal experience in that lifestyle.

But since learning about AS, I do have my own restriction: never look at people's faces unless I absolutely have to.
My own experience is described in my post of May first. In none of my relationships have I attempted to make rules about eye contact.
I hadan extremely thoughful master, whom I adored and would have done anything for.

He made a rule that whenever we first entered a club or scene, I couldn't make eye contact with anyone, and they couldn't make eye contact with me under any circumstances. This completely relieved the pressure of the social situation for me, it was a blessed relief.

Under no circumstances would I tolerate anyone trying to force me to make eye contact, for me that's cruelty in it's highest form.

It's a personal choice I guess, depends on the submissive.