Rark, the Magick Drachen (rarkrarkrark) wrote in anglesofds,
Rark, the Magick Drachen

Request for articles

A friend of mine emailed me today to see if I'd be willing to write up something on being a Dom/me with an autistic spectrum submissive: how to deal with issues that don't come up with NT submissives, or that do but are very different when dealing with folks on the spectrum. He's putting together a webpage for Dominants with submissives who are Psychologically and/or Neurologically different.

I can't do this for him right now, for various reasons. However, I'm passing his request on (with his permission) here because I know that there are people who can write from experience here.

The page-under-construction with his request for articles is: http://baphomet.tearmainn.com/brokentoys.html. It says "essays", but if you have a different format such as a list of tips that would be good too.
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