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scary accomplishments

embre gets a lot of credit here. In a conversation over I.M. I talked with her about how my relationship with Masterman was sometimes strained in that he and his son have Aspergers Syndrome. How I searched but there were no communities out there offering information or support for those suffering it or for those with loved ones that have it. I then realized that though there are many out there that may have physical disabilities and support but not many for the many spectrums of mental diagnoses that were out there.

So as per her suggestion I did start one. My hope is that I and members can provide support and education/information. I even hope it will cover all the many variations and provide interesting insight for those that do not. Please Welcome anglesofds

But right now it's very late and Masterman is gonna all but roast my hiney if I am not in bed soon. So I hope to update it and start posting tomorrow evening.

So in that spirit I will be posting article links, book suggestions, personal experiences and much more tomorrow evening. Please bare with me as this community experience is a new one for me.
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